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Cincoze DA-1100 Automates Smart Shopping Malls, Improving Operations and Saving Energy


Shopping mall managers want data and automation to quickly make decisions and implement changes that bring more shoppers in and keep costs in check. Smart shopping malls integrate, digitize, and automate building resources and equipment, using technologies such as Building IoT to enable automation and remote monitoring and control of the mall environment. Shoppers get to enjoy a more comfortable shopping experience at the ideal temperature because sensors throughout the mall automatically detect high indoor temperatures or large crowds and adjust the air conditioning accordingly. Shoppers also get a refreshing shopping atmosphere as the automated systems adjust the shutters to let in more or less natural light and dim or brighten the lights for perfect illumination. And managers get comprehensive decision-making information, collected from sensors and devices, that helps them to improve energy efficiency and create a more satisfying shopping environment for shoppers.

A European infrastructure equipment manufacturer developed an automated control system for supermarket chains. They chose the DA-1100 embedded computer to achieve automation system integration, control, measurement, and recording. This system can automatically control the temperature, lighting, and shading equipment in the mall according to set parameters, and also allows for real-time remote monitoring of facility usage. In addition, measurements from electricity meters installed in the building provide data for regulating electricity consumption or implementing power-saving measures.

Customer Requirement

Efficient and Economical
The smart shopping mall automation system operates continuously, so it is imperative to use a low-power embedded computer to reduce overall energy consumption. Low power consumption computers generate less heat and are economical, making them ideal for large-scale deployment in commercial environments.

Small and Versatile
The computer must have a compact footprint to fit in a space-constrained control cabinet. It must also have a variety of I/O interfaces to connect to all the devices in the BIoT system. Data centralization and control require connections to various devices and electrical appliances, such as temperature sensors, air conditioners, lighting and electricity meters, and other devices to perform visual control processing. Also, managers can use mobile phones to remotely monitor these devices through the wireless network, and send the data to the central management control room.

Rugged and Durable
Continuous operation is non-negotiable, but the system must also have the reliability and stability to withstand electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices and controllers in the cabinet. Rugged and highly durable computer hardware is needed for this.

Why Cincoze?

Intel® Pentium® / Celeron Processor
The DA-1100 comes with a low power consumption Intel® Pentium® N4200 quad-core or Celeron® N3350 dual-core processor (TDP 6W), enabling fanless operation suitable for industrial automation, intelligent transportation, multimedia information inquiry machines, IoT, and M2M related applications.

Small and Expandable
The DA-1100 is a compact industrial computer with a size of only 150 x 105 x 52.3 mm. Even in such a small size, it still has a variety of I/O interfaces, including 2× GbE LAN, 2× COM, 4× USB 3.2, and 1× DVI-I. More I/O and other functions can be added using Cincoze’s exclusive CMI and CFM modules, providing COM, DIO, LPT/PS2, HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D, VGA, and PoE. Two Mini-PCIe slots support wireless communication modules, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and more, providing extensive industrial connectivity to connect to peripheral devices and transmit the data to cloud data centers.

Industrial-grade Rugged Design
DA-1100 is a rugged and reliable industrial computer that can operate in harsh environments. Industrial-grade materials are used throughout, and the fanless and cableless design is easier to maintain. It supports a wide operating temperature (-40 - 70°C) and wide voltage input (9 - 48 VDC), is shock and vibration resistant (50G / 5G), and has overvoltage, overcurrent, and ESD protection. It has passed the IEC 62368-1 standard and has obtained UL, cUL, and CB certifications, which are widely accepted in many countries. This makes it suitable for a variety of harsh industrial environments.