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ADLINK Launches PanKonix HMI Panel PC with Seamless Motion Control and Data Management


New Industrial HMI Panel PC Integrates Control, Gateway, and Display Functions for Cost-Effective and Easy Integration

~Hybrid PLC and PC-based software-based motion control with customizable HMI vector graphic interface delivers low TCO, easy integration, and high extendibility
~Features 125μs EtherCAT control cycle, and up to 128 axes motion control powered by ADLINK exclusive SuperCAT with APS function library supported
~Modbus, CANopen automation protocols supported for seamless communication with 90%+ of PLC drivers
~Data logger service for automated production data transcription and instant push notifications for rapid troubleshooting
~Highly reliable, optimized cloud service connectivity with OPCUA, MQTT, and RESTful API for IoT applications

ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, has launched the PanKonix® Series HMI Panel PC, an industrial all-in-one panel PC that integrates control, gateway, and display functions. This innovative product offers cost-effective, easy integration with high extendibility through its software-defined motion controllers, SuperCAT and iFace Designer®, enabling fast, reliable connections for mainstream PLC- and PC-based controllers, and I/O modules. The PanKonix® Series also boasts an elegant and intuitive customizable user interface with powerful functions and features including network-enablement and visualization, cloud connectivity, push notifications, and simplified multi-IP management. With its hardware cost savings, simplified wiring, reduced integration time, and powerful yet elegant HMI software, the PanKonix® Series is set to revolutionize the industry with its efficiency.

"The PanKonix® Series is designed to address the increasing demand for seamless motion control and improved data management in the industrial sector," said Simon You, Director of Smart Machine Division, IoT Solutions & Technology BU at ADLINK. "With ADLINK's extensive experience in industrial automation, the new PanKonix® Series features ADLINK SuperCAT technology, enabling HMI Panel PCs to serve as both a human-machine interface and a hybrid PLC and PC-based, software-defined motion controller. This integration provides customers with an easy-to-manage, flexible, and highly expandable solution for automating their processes."

ADLINK's SuperCAT is a software-defined EtherCAT motion controller that supports up to 128 synchronized axes and over 10,000 points simultaneously, with up to 125μs control cycle, enabling efficient production in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. It generates multi-dimensional, synchronized motion and I/O control with the support of an APS function library, for a wide range of third-party EtherCAT slaves.

The PanKonix® Series integrates iFace Designer® and supports automation protocols such as Modbus and CANopen, ensuring smooth communication with over 90% of PLC drivers. Furthermore, the integration provides an elegant, intuitive, and HMI vector graphic based customizable UI with smart operational functions. Together with a leading brand AUO panel, PanKonix® provides a rugged design, outstanding visual quality and excellent operating experience. Smart operational functions include network-enablement and visualization, cloud connectivity, and simplified multi-IP management.

The PanKonix® Series also features improved data management capabilities with its data logger service for automated production data transcription, instant device-triggered push notifications for rapid troubleshooting, and highly reliable optimized cloud service connectivity with OPCUA, MQTT, and RESTful API for IoT applications. These features allow for easier data analysis and faster issue resolution, improving operational efficiency.

ADLINK's PanKonix® Series is an ideal solution for a variety of applications, including motion control, machine automation, and factory automation. With its efficient, high-performance design, the PanKonix® Series provides a cost-effective solution to meet the needs of industrial users worldwide. Follow the links for further information about ADLINK's PanKonix® Series