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ADLINK COM-HPC-sIDH Server Type module


ADLINK COM-HPC-sIDH Server Type module based on Intel® Xeon® D-2700 SoC

New Product
ADLINK presents Edge server-class COM-HPC server type modules powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® D-2700 SoC

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ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, introduces its latest Intel® Xeon® D-based COM-HPC server type Computer-on-Modules (COMs). Powered by Intel® Xeon® D-2700 processors (Codename: Ice Lake-D), these ADLINK COMs feature integrated high speed Ethernet, up to 8x 10G or above with up to 32 PCIe Gen4 lanes, and cutting-edge AI acceleration.

Design Guide
PICMG's COM-HPC® Carrier Board Design Guide

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The document provides EEs and PCB layout engineers comprehensive information for designing custom system carrier boards for COM-HPC modules. The new standard targets extremely high I/O and computer performance levels from high end clients up to the entry server class and even beyond. Standard COM-HPC modules plug into a carrier or baseboard that is typically customized to the application. OEM benefits are fast and cost effective layout with high design security for application specific embedded and edge computing boards on the basis of open standards.

COM-HPC Server Type module supporting Intel® Xeon® D-2700 processor, ADLINK COM-HPC-sIDH

Meet the new Intel® Xeon® D-2700 processor based COM-HPC Server Type modules. Built for edge and rugged AI applications, these new ADLINK COMs empower system integrators to realize all of their IoT innovations, from edge networking, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous driving, robotic surgery, to rugged HPC servers, 5G base stations, automatic drilling, ship management, and more.